CO.M.A.N s.r.l. is the first manufacturer of equipment for the production and packaging of milk and diary products.  This achievement is the result of the experience of cooperation with many customers such as:  Parmalat S.p.A., Egidio Galbani, Trentina Latte S.p.A., Latteria Soc. Merano Coop. A.R.L., Coop. Latteria Vipiteno, Milkon Altoadige Soc.Coop. A.R.L., Granarolo S.p.A., Caseificio Pinzolo Fiavè Rovereto S.C.R.L., Caseificio F.lli Bergamin S.p.A., Newlat S.p.A., Centrale Latte Roma, 3A Latte Arborea.

The firm CO.MA.N s.r.l., based in Pontetaro (PR) has been a player on the international market for 25 years and is specialized in designing and manufacturing of industrial plants for the production of diary products, in particular of yoghurt.

The machines produced by CO.MA.N. S.r.l. range from a potential of 6,000 to 46,000 cups or bottles per hour.  Plants of CO.MA.N. S.r.l. transform milk into end-items, ready to be sent to the large-scale retail stores.  The activity of CO.MA.N. S.r.l. starts with the key client Parmalat S.p.A. managing all production lines of tomato sauce and fruit juices and becoming in few years the sole partner as for design and manufacturing of all necessary equipment for the development of new products.

Nowadays CO.MA.N. S.r.l. is Parmalat’s main supplier in projecting, developing and manufacturing equipments for packaging and handling of yoghurt, fresh milk, UHT milk and particularly for bottle aseptic lines.  Over these years other important customers have joined such as Danone S.p.A., to whom CO.MA.N. S.r.l. have been supplying for ten years technology, assistance, machinery and support in the development of new projects and in the launch of new products, creating new machinery or sometimes adopting existing ones to the requests of the market.

CO.M.A.N s.r.l. leader in engeneering machineries for dairy products manufacture and packaging is since  twenty-five years on the national and international markets, obtaining a know-out based on the experience gained through the strong relationships with key-customers such as:

Parmalat S.p.A., Parmalat Canada ,   Hyun-Dai Korea

Danone S.p.A.,   Parmalat Sud Africa, Kohap Korea

S.p.A.Egidio Galbani, Parmalat Cina , Nan Ya Taiwan

TrentinaLatte S.p.A., Parmalat Brasile , Haifa Chemicals Israele

Latteria Soc. Merano, Parmalat Portogallo, Shacham Israele

Coop. Latteria Vipiteno, Danone Argentina , Bag Fas Turchia

Milkon AltoAdige, Danone Germania , Hip Petrohemija Serbia

Granarolo S.p.A., Danone Spagna , Ribeiro&Verissimo P

Caseificio Pinzolo Fiave’ Trento , Will Bill Dan Russia , Copag Marocco

Caseificio F.lli Bergamin S.p.A., Bustan Macaroni Dubai

Newlat S.p.A., Lactalis Francia

Centrale Latte Roma, Emmi Svizzera

3A Latte Arborea , Senoble Francia

Sidel Tetra Laval , Dos Anclas/Ciba Argentina

The company’s products’ portfoglio has machineries and equipment which are progressively more innovative in performance and design. Particularly bottling machinery are capable of ensuring productivity ranging from 6,000 to 46,000 jars or bottles / hour. The filling plants process milk into the finished product, ready to be sent to supermarkets.

CO.M.A.N s.r.l. history begins with the successful collaboration with Parmalat SpA which entrusts the management of all production lines of tomato paste and fruit juices. In a few years to become for the ‘multinational of milk’ the unique referent to design and manufacture plants, actively working with the R & D for the feasibility studies and industrialization of new products.

Nowadays CO.M.A.N s.r.l. is Parmalat S.p.A.’s leading provider of equipment for packaging and handling of yogurt, fresh milk and UHT (with a special expertise in aseptic filling lines).

Collaboration with Danone SpA has been operating for 10 years and in this case the partnership with CO.MAN srl. includes the supply and implementation of technological equipment, after-sales service and support in the development of new projects, involving the launch of innovative items with the relative realization of high performant and reliable machineries.


Making innovation and ensure competitiveness for the client, acting on the factor price and on a wide range of professional services, technical and financial solutions to develop rapid and highly qualified solution for customer’s needs.

Integrate know-how of process of Coman srl and CEIM srl  (Automation Division) to obtain improved results in terms of quality, efficiency and product reliability.

      3. CAPITALIZE EXPERIENCE, by working in team and bringing together experts from subsidiaries (Coman and CEIM) with the aim of developping increasingly innovative technology: that’s the result of the synergies brought into play.


Reaching a widespread presence in the market, offering care and service to customers and collecting their ideas and needs. To do this we created a Marketing Team with the task of monitoring requests and suggestions of users, to promote the constant analysis of new solutions / proposals


Broadening the product portfolio to cover new areas of a market providing high-tech applications. Orient the project management from order to achieve efficiency in the testing until after-sales

  Fillers Unit 

Machinery for filling:
jars pre-formed
bottles for dairy products
can consist of a single or double row: ultraclean and aseptic designed

 COMAN fillers are ideal for preformed pots linear aseptic packaging or bottles of liquid products. Specifically designed for pumpable food products, they offer high-speed process, together with flexibility in aseptic packaging. Suitable for products with or without pieces up to a maximum diameter of 17 mm.
Sizes packable:  from 125 gr to 5 kg.

Filling machine for preformed jars and bottles

S:\immagini per manuali\presentazione_coman\genera_2.tif

What to expect:
• A new concept of plant.
• Flexible management recipes for dosage adjustments and changes of format.
• Support for any engineering requirement.
• Personalization.
• Efficient customer care to solve problems in real time.
• Machinery (fillers) able to work 4 shifts of 8 hours each of continuous production to achieve a reduction of bacteria in the order of 1 to 10000 (in the bucket 1kg)

What is offered:
A single machine can be "dressed" for several needs:
• Made of a modular standard structure and of overlying stations that can adapt to different demands.
• All movements servo-assisted by an electronic control.
• Suitable for filling and packaging yogurt cups, even at doses with multi tastes and adaptive capacity.
Standard range:
• Machine RLE 8 +8 F1 high production capacity: 38,000 pots per hour
• Machine RLE 8 F1 medium / low capacity: 16,000 pots per hour


The stacks of pots are placed manually in the 6 tracks of jars warehouse and then, automatically transferred to the warehouses of separation of filling machine.

The function of the vertical placement of the jars is so arranged that they can enter the standard format.



The columns of pots in the stores of separation are  taken  through vacuum suckets and the same pots divided by an electronic drive system (during the downward movement of the suckets). The pots are then placed vertically well separated into the slots of the conveyor roller blinds.



The first two stages consist of spraying or enterering H2O2 transported by sterile air heated to 160C ° within the glass. The volumetric quantity of the injected H2O2 is done for each step machine to allow to monitor the proper filling and emptying H2O2 of glasses. There is also a control on consumption of H2O2.

The station is equipped with two glasses to get two different calibers H2O2. In the next two stations, the buckets are dried with sterile air heated to 140C °.


The drive of the dispenser in production is done electronically by servomotor. During the washing phase, the pistons’ and rods’ valves movements are operated electronically.

The dispenser comes with the system for quick change of nozzles


The foils are removed from their stock through suckers and then sterilized and dried by a drum, which operates electronically. As a first step, a mixture of H2O2 and hot air is blown on the side of the foil in contact with the product. The amount of H2O2 is controlled and measured. Next step: lids are then dried by hot air sterile.H2O2 vapors are sent away from the sterile by a fan. The supply includes a fan and a connection pipe NW 100.

A warning system will be activated if a foil is lacking: the machine will automatically stop and the malfunction will be reported on screen.



The bridge that supports the sealing sealing heads is mechanically moved by a servomotor arm and elbow. This bridge can be lifted to facilitate the operations of manual cleaning of the heads

The sealing heads are suspended and swinging to compensate the tolerances of the edges of the jars


The machine can be equipped with:
a) Output system of individual containers directly to tape
b) direct entry system on tray


The machine is entirely managed by a supervision system to store all the actions performed; save alarms and messages.

Process Unit



Expression of the innovative capacity and know-how COMAN in the process, the products preparation is what more technologically advanced and reliable. Today it is possible to adopt UHT treatment of food products destinated to subsequent aseptic packaging.
This implies:
 > Systematic studies conducted on any matter related to the problems of sterilized milk,

 > Rigorous process testing  on pilot plants
 > Research the most effective solutions to ensure high performance,
 > Superior quality of the finished product and significant economical benefits.


 COMAMIX are facilities dedicated to the yogurt mixture.
The choice of single-screw pumps with guaranteed precision for adjusting the recipe and the best fruits tank emptying .
The system has a database with over 200 recipes that include the parameters of the pumps, the speed of agitation, the specific weight, etc.
There are two sets of check weighers  for weighing / monitoring constantly: weight of the tank and the controlling algorithm of mixing regulation


Product Pumpe

Pumps monolith consisting of a helical rotor that rotates inside a stator equally twisted to allow the fluid to move ahead in a series of cavities along the axis of the pump. The size and shape of the cavity are fixed and this is the ideal way to transfer all the fluids containing fragile solids. The rotor is made of stainless steel and is processed with extreme precision, while the stator model has inside an elastomer that is injected into the armature of the stator to better withstand abrasion.

        >Max continuous service temperature: 90 ° C
           >Max sterilization temperature when pump stopped: 140 ° C
           >Ideal for fragile fluids
           >Products safety
           >High power vacuum and self-priming
Stream flow hightly regular

Dynamic mixer




This arrangement allows the mixing by contact of liquid ingredients with different levels of viscosity and possible pieces suspended solids ( intestead than by typing). Mixing occurs homogeneously without alteration of the ingredients or the product consistency.

Robotica Unit


Variety in packaging

The 'must' for the future of packaging are:

Therefore machines and lines should be engineered and lines in accordance to these standards

Markets Trend:

Implications for packaging machines’ producers

Variety of materials: the packaging machines have work with a wide range of materials, to produce corrugated cardboard tray or compact (with and without film), to treat with different packaging, (from flat bottom bag to  plastic bottle). The possibility of applying carrying handles or include promotional gadgets are also becoming increasingly important.


Tecnologia dei robots: Robots technology: the great flexibility of robots offers wide possibilities to perform different tasks of packing, palletizing patterns with ideas for customization



Safe packaging for a wide range of products
The drink based milk, (like yogurt to drink), whey-based drinks, probiotic products made from milk, other beverages, fermented milk or soy milk conquer new market shares. Of course, the multiplicity of tastes imposes higher requirements in terms of packaging technology, because food retailers should be supplied with the types of products in the quantity required. Packages:

Ø      Shrink-packed

Ø      trays,

Ø      pad

Ø      cartons wrap-around

Innovative technology products, servo motors and cam eletronica preset for trays, cartons and movies allow to realize packages produced with precision and with an eye to aesthetics. These machines with modular design satisfy varied needs and can be equipped with alternative modules



It allows the collection of pieces to pack through a detection system with cameras.
The machine can be equipped with one or more robots, based on production request



Identification product with camera completely protected by a casing of stainless steel - Retro lighting system with variable frequency

Modular machine with artificial vision to pack 400 pieces per minute (4 to 6-axis robot)
Single and multiple outlet.

Applications of high efficiency and low maintenance. Fast and flexible machine-
VLF technology consist of one or more modules according to productivity.
Packaging horizontal and vertical



Grip multi rows, vacuum control of the single channel of picking product with further reject of the tray at the exit without stops.

Applications of high efficiency and low maintenance, suitable for any type of packging: cartons, trays, bags, etc.. Easily integrable with any line.

Roboflex may be a 4, 5, 6 axis with a speed from 450 to 700 cycles / hour, up to max weight of 700 kg.


• Small spaces and compact design
• Various positions of grip and storage within the workspace
• Packaging multifunctional applications and combined paletization

• Reliability and accuracy thanks to reduction of mechanical parts



The equipment for grip of cartons are moved by servomotors to always have the safety and control of the the proper sealing system

Carton: handling, gluing and closing



The punched cartons are used in many industrial fields to pack products stably and safely. The wrap around machines prepare and paste pre-glued cartons, or punched carton. The models for processing pre-glued cartons (with or without hives glued) offer great freedom of action even for the most exclusive packaging.
Once filled, the boxes pass through the closer, which closes them accurately with hot glue.
The machines are available with mono (a yield of 40 cartons per minute) or double-forming (with a yield of 80 cartons per minute).
These plants are compact and available in different sizes: they offer great possibilities of inserting big quantities and easiness of size change and allow a wide range of applications.



The experience gained in various fields of application allows COMAN sales and technical staff to follow step by step the customer, starting from a service of consulting aimed to analyze his needs and to define the optimal process technology for his type production

The engeneering and construction of pilot plants for the development of new products allows the customers to identify useful solutions to diversify their offerings, to develop new items on real parameters transferrable to industrial purposes and respond competitively to the demands of a market more and more demanding.


After-sales services
Technicians and professionals to oversee factory construction and start-up of the plant, from the assembling phase to the internal pre-testing, up to the installation and final inspection, ensuring the customer a single technical interface.
Our goal is to provide high value-added service to supplement the normal supply of spare parts and after sales.


Assistance is available 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7